Reddit Dynamic Product Ads (beta)

Reach Reddit’s leaned-in, high value shopper with the product they’re looking for to drive conversion.

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What are Dynamic Product Ads?

Dynamic Product Ads is Reddit’s newest Shopping Ad solution. Dynamic Product Ads enables advertisers to easily create ads directly from their product catalog and dynamically serve them to reach redditors with the exact product they’re looking for.

Benefits of DPA

Lower funnel performance

Paired with Reddit’s leaned-in, valuable shopper, Dynamic Product Ads simplifies the path to purchase to drive conversion. For advertisers who participated in Dynamic Product Ads testing, they provided 1.9x better ROAS when compared to Conversion objective campaigns.1

Instant campaign creation

Upload your product catalog, select the Catalog Sales objective, and instantly activate your campaign without uploading new assets – ads populate & update in real time with your latest product pricing, images, and descriptions.

Targeting without the guesswork

Select one or both of our targeting options to meet your marketing objectives.

  • Prospecting helps you reach potential customers by automatically serving the most relevant products based on users’ shopping signals
  • Retargeting helps you convert users who have visited your site by serving products that they’ve already engaged with but haven’t purchased
Support across the purchase journey

Reach consumers when they are in discovery, consideration, or decision-making mode by running ads in feed and conversation placement; highlight single products or multiple with carousel format to showcase your brand.

Which of Reddit's Shopping Ads are right for my brand?

Reddit has two types of Shopping Ads to choose from based on your catalog and your needs.

Dynamic Product Ads (beta)
  • Let Reddit dynamically serve the right product, to the right person, at the right time, in the right Reddit context from your product catalog
  • Choose from targeting options simplified down for prospecting and remarketing goals
    • Prospecting automatically serves the most relevant products based on users’ Reddit shopping context
    • Retargeting serves products that users have already engaged with but haven't purchased
  • Best for brands with 000s of SKUs in their catalog
  • Must install Reddit pixel or CAPI to run
Product Ads (beta)
  • Manually select the exact products to promote from your product catalog
  • Pair with Reddit’s targeting options (e.g., community / interest, keyword)
  • Best for brands with 00s of SKUs in their catalog (or less)

Right product, right person, right time, right Reddit context

Serve contextually relevant products in the very conversations where redditors are discussing them

Cotopaxi used Reddit Dynamic Product Ads to find the redditors researching their next gear purchase

Read the Case Study
Read the Case Study
Read the Case Study

Reddit Dynamic Product Ads best practices

Use a large catalog with rich product metadata

Have a minimum of 000s of SKUs to ensure optimal Dynamic Product Ads performance (otherwise run Product Ads) – include a diverse set of categories and fulsome product descriptions. To warm up the system, use ‘All Products’ for your first campaign.

Multi-placement to maximize reach

Opt into both feed and conversation placement to maximize reach across redditors’ purchase journeys.

Make your headline relevant to your shoppers

Your headline should include a CTA and be relevant to your entire product set, product variety, and the current season… running a promotion? Call it out!

Run both prospecting & retargeting

Optimize performance by building your audience pool with Dynamic Product Ads prospecting (and even consider adding a Reddit brand or traffic campaign) then convert those who haven’t yet with Dynamic Product Ads retargeting.

Reddit Shopping Ads: FAQS

Should I run a Dynamic Product Ads or Product Ads campaign on Reddit?
  • Both of Reddit’s Shopping Ads - Dynamic Product Ads and Product Ads - enable you to create ads directly from your product catalog, but they use different targeting.
  • Dynamic Product Ads offer two simplified targeting options: prospecting and remarketing. Reddit will dynamically serve the right product, to the right person, at the right time, and in the right context based on these goals.
  • Product Ads are paired with Reddit’s traditional targeting options (e.g., community / interest, keyword). They require you to manually select which products from your catalog you would like shown in your ad.
  • To optimize performance, we recommend brands with a catalog size of 000s of SKUs (or more) use Dynamic Product Ads. Brands with a catalog size of 00s of SKUs (or less) should opt for Product Ads.
How do I run a Dynamic Product Ads campaign?
  • To build a Dynamic Product Ads campaign, you need to create a Reddit Ads account. From there, here’s a quick overview of how the process works:
    1. Upload your catalog: Synch your product feed or upload your catalog via bulk import
    2. Check your Reddit pixel or CAPI: Ensure you have Reddit Pixel or CAPI installed and that you are passing back the right product metadata.
    3. Create your campaign: Select Advanced Create and create your campaign using the Catalog Sales Objective. Toggle on “Dynamic targeting” to run a DPA campaign.
    4. Choose your Catalog: Select the Catalog and Product Set you’d like DPA to dynamically pull from.
    5. Target your audience: Choose from our two simplified DPA targeting options: prospecting and retargeting (we recommend running both).
    6. Set budget & bidding: Set your budget, choose from various bidding strategies, and use bid caps or auto bidding for efficiency.
    7. Choose a format: Select from carousel or single image formats.
    8. Choose your metadata: Select the bottom captions for your products (i.e., price, or product description) and set your headline.
  • For more guidance, visit the Reddit Ads Help Center or speak with a Reddit ads expert
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  1. Reddit Internal data, 2024
  2. Source: Luth Research, 2021, US. Lifts = Reddit ad viewers vs. Social Platform ad viewers. Social Platforms = Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok
  3. Cotopaxi internal data 2023-2024.