Electric Car

Electric vehicles (EVs) are all the rage, making electric car buyers the market trendsetters.

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Electric Car Industry Insights

Redditors don’t shy away from high quality luxury brands–but the environmental impact is critical. They want to know brands aren’t contributing to pollution efforts, unethical practices, or providing false or unclear information.

1 in 3

Reddit users want brands to be more sustainable.6

1 in 2

Reddit users say helping the environment is important to them.7


Of Reddit users have an interest in the environment and nature.8

What is the Aftermarket Industry’s plan regarding EVs
There are a LOT of aftermarket parts companies, im not talking about Summit Racing or AEM (who also sell replacement parts), im talking about companies who sell specific parts like Borla, K & N, Kennebell, Whipple etc. With more EVs being produced, it means less and less people are going to fit an aftermarket exhaust, or an intake. So these companies’ sales will go down slowly but surely. What’s their plan to combat this?

Interested to hear your opinion.
swap options for classic cars
There are already kits out there: https://www.evwest.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=40

One quarter of US redditors want to purchase an electric car9

Reddit audiences are much more likely to purchase an electric car than those on other social media platforms. 39% of consumers say it might be a year or two before they make the move, but that’s because they’re waiting for new models to hit the market.10


More likely to be interested in purchasing an electric car as a Reddit user.11


More likely to purchase an electric car than Facebook users.12


More likely to purchase an electric car than Instagram users.13


More likely to purchase an electric car than Twitter users.14

The Reddit road to purchase

of users may take a year or two to make their next purchase or lease
1. Reddit research
2. Dealership test drive
A 3D orange-red megaphone icon.
3. Recommendations from friends and family
4. saving $$$
5. Ready, set, buy

redditors want to see electric card brands in communities

Brands and dealerships that participate in Reddit communities are considered more trustworthy—but you’ve got to be an authentic, transparent expert.

Of redditors are more likely to trust an auto dealer or brand that participates on Reddit.15
Believe ads are more relevant on Reddit than on other sites.16
Agree that brands can have a conversation with them on Reddit that they can’t have anywhere else.17
3 in 4
redditors would like to interact with more brands on Reddit.18
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Electric Car Ad Examples

Check out how others have successfully incorporated Reddit ads into their digital marketing strategy.

Hey Reddit, a few days ago we revealed the MINI Aceman x Pokémon concept car at gamescom - and guess what: We plan a small series production! So, who’s your favorite Pokémon and what Pokémon inspired MINI or accessories would you want to see next? Catch some Reddit Gold with the very best answers!

MINI Runs Beloved EV Ad on Reddit Asking Users for EV Design Ideas

The Reddit community loved their ad, which saw a 95% positive sentiment score.

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Read the blog article
Read the blog article

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