Cotopaxi x Reddit


Cotopaxi sees improved ROAS from Reddit, compared to non-shopping campaigns.

Outdoor retailer Cotopaxi had aspirations of acquiring new customers, and expanding what their current customers are purchasing. To achieve this, they needed to find a partner who could help match the right products to the right customers to help drive sales and website traffic.

Cotopaxi tested out Reddit’s newest ecomm advertising solution - Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) - to dynamically showcase their products to redditors in the outdoor adventure community. Leveraging DPA gave redditors a simpler path to purchase, in a contextually relevant environment.

DPA successfully drove elevated ROAS for Cotopaxi against the targeted audiences.

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Greater ROAS compared to non-shopping campaigns


More efficient cost-per-purchase

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Kristen Lega

Senior Manager of Acquisition


“Engaging with Reddit's Dynamic Product Ads has helped us reach a number of unique audiences that we might not find elsewhere. The opportunity to dynamically target and promote our most relevant products to the Reddit community has delivered above our ROAS expectations."
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