Maximize Your Impact with a Reddit Takeover Ad 

Get the top spot on Home and Popular pages for a whole 24 hours. 

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What is a Reddit Takeover?

Reddit Takeover is a package of ad types and placements that combine the Front Page Takeover and Trending Takeover to give brands the top spot on Reddit’s Home, Popular, or Search pages for an entire 24-hour period. 

Features of a Reddit Takeover include: 

  • Promoted Post (first in-feed ad placement): Secure the top position in redditor’s feeds, ensuring your message is the first thing they see. 
  • Top banner: Occupy the real estate at the top of the page. 
  • Sticky banner: Maintain a fixed position at the top of the page, ensuring prolonged visibility as redditors scroll through content.
  • Trending unit on Popular: Feature in the trending section of the Popular feed, maximizing exposure to Reddit’s diverse and engaged audience. 
  • Trending unit on Search: Extend your visibility to users actively searching on Reddit. 
  • Trending page unit: Reach redditors exploring the latest and most popular content.

Looking for more opportunities to take over advertising on Reddit? Try our First View, Category Takeover, or Front Page Takeover ads, or learn more about Reddit for Business and ads on Reddit. 

Benefits of a Reddit Takeover

Explore the unparalleled benefits of a Reddit Takeover that will catapult your brand to new heights: 

Reach More People

Tap into the power of Reddit’s 500+ million monthly active visitors and 100,000 interest-based communities. Reddit is the breeding ground for fads, trends, and movements, providing an expansive audience for your brand. 

Maximum Visibility

Get noticed all over Reddit! Your brand will be seen on Home, Popular, and Search pages, giving a lot of users a chance to see what you offer. Take advantage of the millions of daily searches to make your message stand out. 

Be the Center of Discussion

Put your brand alongside the hottest topics of the day. Boost how many people see your message by joining the ongoing conversations.

Dive Engagement 

Get people involved. With Reddit Takeover ads, redditors can click on ads and go to landing pages featuring related conversations, posts, and communities.

an example of a category takeover ad on reddit

Reddit Takeover: FAQs

How can I participate in a Reddit Takeover?

Speak with a Reddit ads expert and collaborate with our sales team to take advantage of Takeover Ads. 

You’ll discuss your campaign goals, creative content, and targeting preferences. They’ll also help you collaborate to design an impactful Reddit Takeover campaign tailored to your brand’s goals. 

Learn more about Reddit for Business and our other ad options and solutions. 

What types of content can be featured in a Reddit Takeover?

Reddit Takeover ads offer versatility, featuring various ad formats and placements, including: 

  • Text ads
  • Image ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads

Explore best practices to optimize your Reddit Takeover content for maximum impact and engagement, or speak with a Reddit ads expert to get the most from our products. 

Can I target specific audiences with a Reddit Takeover?
  • Community targeting to reach redditors based on the communities they interact with among Reddit’s vast 100k+ communities
  • Interest targeting for businesses with broad audiences across communities
  • Location targeting to ensure your ads are visible only in the specific regions you designate
  • Customer audiences that allow you to re-engage high-intent audiences
  • Keyword targeting that targets redditors interested in your chosen topic
  • Contextual targeting to improve ad relevance

Visit the Reddit Ads Help Center to learn more about ad targeting. 

How can I track the performance of my Reddit Takeover?

Effectively monitor the performance of your Reddit Takeover in your Reddit Ads Dashboard with comprehensive metrics like: 

  • Post metrics: Analyze engagement and reach metrics for each ad to gauge user interactions and overall visibility. 
  • Consideration metrics: Track page visits and content views, providing insights into user interest and consideration. 
  • Conversion metrics: Monitor sign-ups, leads, purchases, and revenue to assess the tangible impact of your campaign. 
Is a Reddit Takeover exclusive to one brand at a time?

A Reddit Takeover ad is exclusively dedicated to one brand at a time, ensuring unparalleled visibility and dominance across Reddit’s key sections for the entire 24-hour duration.

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