Tech and Reddit users: A modern love story

Why your tech product launch plan should include Reddit

Erin Easley - Industry Manager, Tech & Jonathan Basiri - Industry Manager, Tech
August 3, 2023

The best season of the year is underway. We’re not talking about the winter holiday season, we’re talking about the iconic tech launch season—when the biggest names in consumer technology launch their latest devices to a lot of fanfare.

Tech launches have become such cultural events over the past two decades. It’s hard to remember a time when we didn’t tune in to hear what our favorite tech brands were about to release. They’re defined by showmanship, novel features, innovation, and visions of the future. Tech brands have created so much excitement over their announcements—making consumers want the latest and greatest from their brands.  

Over the past couple of years, unfortunately, global buying cycles have felt a strain. With inflation being the top concern for people globally1, and global smartphone shipments on the decline2, it appears consumers are spending less on technology. 

Redditors, on the other hand, are unfazed. In fact, 75% of redditors plan to spend the same or more on new tech this year.3 This figure may seem astonishing but when you take into account that 64% of early adopters are on Reddit,4 it all adds up. 

Redditors actually flock to the platform to learn about new product launches, and ask for recommendations. Reddit is the #1 most influential platform for engaging with new products when a product is launched.

Redditors asking for and giving tech recommendations
Early adopters on Reddit carry credibility and drive purchase decisions of other redditors. 
Redditors carry credibility

All that to say, tech brands are primed for success by activating on Reddit. Because they are welcome here. 





of people who use Reddit say they are more likely to buy new tech products or devices that are launched on Reddit.3

3 in 4

Redditors say ads for new tech products or devices are more relevant to them on Reddit than they are elsewhere.3


of redditors say they are more likely to trust a technology brand they can engage with on Reddit.3

Reddit is where you can drive hype about your newest product

With upcoming tech launches, now is the right time to reach tech enthusiasts on Reddit. 

Since redditors are tech-savvy and look to understand the difference in the new model vs the previous model of tech products, you can leverage our ad products to highlight your best new features to redditors.

You could:

  • Showcase the top specs or features
  • Poll users for the feature(s) they are most excited about 
  • Highlight real conversations on Reddit about your product
  • Demo set up or functionality
  • Feature industry product review
  • Present color or model options
  • Contextualize uses for different communities and interest groups

Most importantly, stay present on the platform with your brand messaging. As shown above, 86% of redditors say they are more likely to trust a technology brand they can engage with on Reddit.3 By staying present on Reddit, not only are you driving trust in your brand but you stay in redditors’ consideration set.




In an ever changing tech buying landscape, don’t miss out on getting in front of the users who are more determined than others to purchase new tech products this year. 

Advertise on Reddit today
Advertise on Reddit today
Advertise on Reddit today


Meera Deva, Head of Sector Business Marketing - Tech, Gaming, Telco

JM Davirro, Senior Creative Strategist, KarmaLab

Lore Oxford, Senior Lead, Global Insights


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