Drive lower funnel performance with our new ecomm advertising solution: Dynamic Product Ads

Reddit’s newest ad solution helps eCommerce brands reach high-intent redditors with relevant products when they’re deciding what to buy

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Grace Close, Senior Product Marketing Manager II, Ads & Business User Experience
April 24, 2024

Today, we are thrilled to announce the beta launch of our hero shopping ad – Dynamic Product Ads – that simplifies the Reddit path to purchase to drive conversions. Dynamic Product Ads enables advertisers to promote relevant products in the very conversations where redditors are deeply researching, discussing, and deciding what to buy. 

For over a dozen advertisers who participated in Dynamic Product Ads testing, Dynamic Product Ads delivered 1.9x higher ROAS when compared to conversion objective campaigns run at the same time.1




People come to Reddit to make some of their most important purchase decisions. From discovery, to consideration, to purchase, redditors are asking for recommendations, and validating their choices. In fact, every second, an average of 2 Redditors ask for a recommendation and get an average of 14 responses in return.2 (That’s 10 purchase decisions being weighed since you started reading). 

Now, it’s easier than ever for eCommerce advertisers to reach these high-intent consumers with relevant products at their decision point.

Explain It Like I’m New: Reddit Dynamic Product Ads

Our Dynamic Product Ads provides the easy direct-from-your-catalog campaign creation, smart set-it-and-forget-it targeting options, and the personalized ad experience you’ve come to expect from any shopping ad – so it’s easy for you to get started.

Instant campaign creation: Upload your product catalog, select the Catalog Sales objective, and instantly activate your campaign without uploading new assets – ads populate & update in real time with your latest product pricing, images, and descriptions

Targeting without the guesswork: Select one or both of our targeting options to meet your marketing objectives.

  • Prospecting helps you reach potential customers by automatically serving the most relevant products based on users’ shopping signals
  • Retargeting helps you convert users who have visited your site by serving products that they’ve already engaged with but haven’t purchased 

Support across the purchase journey: Reach consumers when they are in discovery, consideration, or decision-making mode by running ads in feed and conversation placement; highlight single products or multiple with carousel format to showcase your brand.

Right product, right person, right time, right Reddit context

What’s different about Dynamic Product Ads on Reddit is the context.

Did you know that 1-in-3 shoppers that first heard about a product/service on independent review sites, Amazon or even Google, came to Reddit for additional research on that purchase?3 Reach shoppers who are further in their purchase journey, deep in consideration, seeking validation, and getting ready to buy. These redditors are engaging in high-intent and detailed product discussions – soliciting recommendations, weighing options, and diving deep into product qualities and attributes.

Reddit Dynamic Product Ads allows you to show up with the product from your catalog in the very conversations where redditors are deeply discussing them, and ultimately, making a decision about what to buy.

Learn how brands like outdoor apparel company Cotopaxi, men’s clothing brand Chubbies, and major beauty retailer, Ulta Beauty, unlock lower funnel performance using Dynamic Product Ads on Reddit. Check out the case studies:





Cotopaxi saw 4x greater ROAS compared to non-shopping campaigns.


Chubbies improved by 122% after implementing DPA


Ulta Beauty improved ROAS 66% compared to previous year

Ready to reach redditors who are already in the purchase mindset with the product they are looking for? Get in touch with us today to tap into Reddit’s shopping ecosystem with Dynamic Product Ads.
Happy Shopping.
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