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Elevate your brand presence and captivate Reddit’s audience with movement using Reddit Video Ads.

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Video Ads on Reddit

Reddit for Business video advertisements are paid ads that bring your brand to life. These videos showcase your products in a way that holds your audience’s attention and leaves a lasting impression.

If you’re uploading a video directly to Reddit Ads, they’ll  autoplay. Those embedded from a third-party prompt a click-to-play action. Redditors can actively engage with the ad by expanding the video to watch with sound, or interact by upvoting, commenting, or sharing.

Run your videos alongside other formats like carousel ads or high-impact strategies like Reddit Takeover and Front Page Takeover ads to increase your impact. 

Benefits of Using Reddit Video Ads 

Bring your campaigns to life with video ads that grab redditors’ attention with engaging visuals and pull people in. See how well they’re doing with detailed performance metrics in your Reddit Ads Dashboard.


With over 500+ million monthly active users and 100,000 active communities on Reddit, you can take advantage of movement to ensure your message makes an impact. 

Immersive Storytelling

Videos on Reddit capture attention, show off your products, and make people feel something. It’s not just about watching — it’s about connecting with your audience, getting them engaged, and building loyalty to your brand. 

Comprehensive Performance Metrics

See how well your video ads are performing with our detailed metrics. Get information on views, impressions, conversations, and how people engage with your videos. 

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Video Ads: FAQs

How do Reddit video ads work?

To build a video ad campaign, you need to create a Reddit Ads account. From there, here’s a quick overview of how the process works:

  • Sign into your account: Once you’ve created your account, you can sign in and create video ads. 
  • Create your campaign: Opt for Simple Create for a quick setup, or use Advanced Create to access a full suite of targeting capabilities and campaign tools.
  • Define your goals: Identify your campaign objectives and bidding strategy. 
  • Choose a format: Select from a variety of ad formats. 
  • Craft your ad: Develop engaging ads while keeping mobile optimization, branding, and effective messaging in mind.
  • Target your audience: Incorporate various types of targeting for maximum reach. 
  • Set budget & bidding: Set your budget, choose from various bidding strategies, and use bid caps or auto bidding for efficiency. 
How much does a Reddit video ad cost?

The cost of Reddit video ads depends on your strategy and overall budget. You can set daily or lifetime budgets.  Videos are billed on cost per view (CPV), meaning you’ll pay every time the video is viewed. 

What are the Reddit video ad specs? 

Reddit video ad specs ensure an optimal viewing experience. Some important ad specs to know are:

  • Headline: 300 characters
  • Supported formats: MP4, MOV (ProRes not accepted)
  • File size: 1GB max
  • Recommended aspect ratios: 1:1 square; 4:5 vertical; 4:3 classic; 16:9 full landscape
  • Maximum length: 15:00 minutes
  • Frame rate: Up to 30FPS
  • Thumbnail: Displays at 400x300 pixels; select from video or upload your own
What targeting options are available for video ads?

Choose who sees your ads with different targeting options: 

  • Community targeting: Reach users based on the communities they engage with. 
  • Interest targeting: Ideal for businesses aiming to connect with a broad audience across multiple communities.
  • Location targeting: Ensure your ads are displayed only in a specific location. 
  • Custom audiences: Re-engage your audience using retargeting and customer lists. 
  • Keyword targeting: Pick specific words to target associated with your brand. 
  • Contextual targeting: Make sure your message reaches the right audience by improving ad relevance. 
How can I track the performance of my Reddit video ads?

Monitor the success of your Reddit video ads through our dashboard to evaluate ad performance and help you make informed optimizations, maximizing your ROI. 

For more information, visit the Reddit Ads Help Center or speak with a Reddit ads expert

How can I optimize my video ads for better results?

Implement these key video advertising best practices to improve your ROI: 

  • Start with a compelling hook. Attention spans are shorter than ever — the sweet spot for length is around 60 seconds to capture and compel your audience. 
  • Keep the message focused and easy to understand. Clear branding can lead to a 131% increase in revenue. 
  • Optimize your video for mobile. 75% of the global Reddit audience accesses the platform via mobile.
  • Include a strong CTA. CTAs result in a 1.3x increase in ad awareness, allowing you to gain clicks and build a strong presence.
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Create a Video Ad
Create a Video Ad