Reddit Video Ads

Elevate your brand presence and captivate your audience using video ads on Reddit.

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Video Ads on Reddit

Activate video ads on Reddit to bring your brand to life, hold your audience’s attention, and leave a lasting impression. 

This format fits seamlessly into the Reddit experience across all devices, platforms, and placements and can be paired with any of our targeting solutions.  Advertisers also have the flexibility to run long and short-form videos, so you can share that full trailer or highlight just a few things you want your audience to know.

Run your videos alongside other formats like carousel ads or one of our high-impact offerings like Reddit Takeover and Front Page Takeover ads to boost your brand presence.

Benefits of using video ads on Reddit

Bring your campaigns to life with video ads that grab redditors’ attention with engaging visuals and pull people in. In Reddit Ads Manager, you can see how well your ads are doing with detailed performance metrics.

Maximize brand impact

Campaigns combining image & video creatives in a single campaign have seen 10x higher lifts in memorability, 14x higher in message recall, and 3x higher in brand favorability.1

Engage with immersive storytelling

Videos on Reddit capture attention, show off your products, and make people feel something. It’s not just about watching — it’s about connecting with your audience, getting them engaged, and building loyalty to your brand. 

Thinking about running long-form content? Give it a try! We’ve seen a 17% increase in click-through- rate for ads that are longer than one minute.2

Reach a unique, highly captivated audience

Tap into any of Reddit’s audience options to show up where folks are most likely to watch your video ad. Redditors are already seeking out content relevant to their interests, and our top-performing advertisers build video creative to fit seamlessly into the Reddit user experience. 

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Video Ads: FAQs

How much does a Reddit video ad cost?

The cost of Reddit video ads depends on your strategy and overall budget. You can set daily or lifetime budgets.  Videos are billed based on the campaign objective you select. 

What are the video ad specs? 

Visit the Help Center to learn more about our video ad specs.

What targeting options are available for video ads?

All targeting options are compatible with video ads. 

How can I track the performance of my Reddit video ads?

Monitor the success of your Reddit video ads in the Ads Manager to evaluate ad performance and help you make informed optimizations, maximizing your ROI. 

For more information, visit the Reddit Ads Help Center or speak with a Reddit ads expert

How can I optimize my video ads for better results?

Implement these key video advertising best practices to improve your ROI3:

  • Start with a compelling hook. Attention spans are shorter than ever — the sweet spot for length is around 60 seconds to capture and compel your audience. 
  • Keep the message focused and easy to understand. Clear branding can lead to a 131% increase in revenue. 
  • Optimize your video for mobile. 75% of the global Reddit audience accesses the platform via mobile. 
  • Include a strong call to action (CTA). Including a CTA can result in a 1.3x increase in action intent, allowing you to gain clicks and drive conversions.
Create a Video Ad
Create a Video Ad
Create a Video Ad
1 Reddit Creative Best Practices, 2022
2 Reddit Internal, 2022
3 YPulse, 2019