Truebill x Reddit


The budget-management app’s first foray into awareness plays pays off down-funnel in a really big way! Adding Category Takeovers to Truebill’s existing mix of Promoted Posts and Videos was intended to increase reach and brand awareness. Fantastic by-products of this increased awareness were a marked increase in CTR and substantial decreases in CPI overall, and particularly on iOS. According to our client, Growth Marketing Manager Fabiana Ayala, "Reddit provides a unique avenue to reach users that are not active on other paid social platforms. Reddit users are unlike any other prospects we reach through our paid social media portfolio. Reddit users have proven to be a lot stickier, providing higher LTV value and being great ambassadors for our business."

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Lower CPI (IOS) than Truebill’s internal CPI benchmarks for iOS, thanks to Category Takeovers


Lower CPI (overall) compared to Truebill’s prior, non-CTO performance on Reddit


Higher CTR vs. Reddit’s mobile video category benchmarks

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Fabiana Ayala

Growth Marketing Manager


"Working with Reddit to move closer to our ambitious business goals and growth trajectory has been delightful. The Reddit team has always been available to help uncover insights, troubleshoot when needed, and provide an extra pair of hands, no questions asked. They feel like an extension to our Truebill growth marketing team."
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