Sama x Reddit


Sama headed to Reddit to expand their digital marketing strategy. After implementing their new Reddit strategy, Sama saw 20X increase in efficiency.

Sama provides high-quality data annotation and model validation solutions to support machine learning and AI models. 

Quickly becoming an indispensable resource within the industry, Sama sought out opportunities to expand marketing strategies beyond standard digital ads.

By meme-ifying their ads with Reddit, Sama was able to quadruple their engagement rates and site traffic.

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Increase in click rate


More Efficient CPM


Increased Site Traffic

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Ellen Schwartze

Director of Demand Generation


“This campaign was 20 times more efficient than media we ran on other competitive channels. Our team of subject matter experts is excited to see who can create the best meme with the highest CTR. It's been a key to unlocking how to communicate with our target audience.”
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While the performance of foundation models for segmentation is impressive, our model outperformed on mIOU—especially for edge cases.
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