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Oatly and their agency PHD partnered with KarmaLab to craft a provocative campaign on Reddit that would get people talking. After experimenting with headlines, the teams used humor to spawn 100 tongue-in-cheek text ads and a hilarious, yet ultimately uninformative megathread. Oh, and they left the comments on. For everything. This endeavor brought Oatly exactly the publicity they were hoping to gain, as they broke records for the discussion of oat milk on the platform.

When Oatly set out to partner with KarmaLab to develop an out-of-the-box spam newsletter megathread, they were prepared for community engagement, but the response was overwhelming.

The unique ad formats were highly influential for Oatly. With text ads earning a CTR 150% higher than benchmarks and CPC 69% more efficient than benchmarks, the campaign’s conversations drove conversions.

Oatly’s strategy to pursue an approach to provoking conversation generated monstrously successful engagement numbers. The megathread comment rate, while both positive and negative in sentiment, was exceedingly efficient. These unique ads both embraced and subverted Reddit’s best practices in a way that hit an awesome sweet spot for the brand.  

Redditors are always willing to offer an opinion and they didn’t keep quiet about an oat drink newsletter takeover. And sure, many of these opinions were negative, but Oatly valued this part of the conversation, too.

examples of comments made by the community on the oatly megathread post

The campaign also drove visitors to their fact-checking website, www.fckoatly.com, and gave Oatly the opportunity to address inaccuracies and criticisms, and continue the conversation. Partnering with Reddit drove conversation and visitation for Oatly and conversation fuels change.

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Comment Engagement Rate

Oatly’s Megathread generated the biggest conversation about oat milk ever on Reddit. 


Total Engagement Rate

The Megathread outperformed Reddit benchmarks

1.4 min

Average view time

Spent on the Megathread. 608% higher than Reddit benchmarks.

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Kevin Lynch

Creative Director


“Oatly is in the business of change. We’re trying to shift the eating habits of an entire planet. Such change doesn’t happen without plenty of criticism and debate. So while the feedback we received kept our community management team busy, it was exactly what we had hoped for—the positive as well as the negative."
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Anna Marsh

Global Digital Manager

PHD Media

"With Reddit’s unique offering in the form of great value CPMs, low funnel traffic, highly engaged users and specific targeting it offered the perfect stage for Oatly to showcase its ability to capture users attention and utilise that to its full advantage over the course of the campaign."
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