Discover Financial Services x Reddit


Discover Financial Services partnered with dentsu x/360i, TBWA\Chiat\Day, and their Reddit team to craft ads specifically tuned to the Reddit platform and audience.

Discover customized their ad creative and copy for Reddit by making savvy references to popular communities and terminology, demonstrating the brand’s knowledge of Reddit—a copy and creative best practice proven to significantly impact campaign performance. They also dabbled in humor and levity, another best practice. The new, Reddit-specific creative outperformed the Financial Service CTR benchmark by 742%.

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Lower CPC

Reddit & Client Internal
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Kelly Megel

VP Marketing, Discover Financial

Kelly Megel

"We partnered with Reddit and our agencies to leverage user data and insights to tailor our creative messaging and speak to consumers in ways that are authentic on the platform—human voices, not corporate ones. By showing up in a native way, we saw incredible success with engagement, CTR’s and other top performance metrics.
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