Aviva x Reddit


What does it take to get Reddit excited about insurance? It takes Aviva. (Plus Promoted Video, a Front-Page Takeover and Conversation Placements.)

Founded in 1696, Aviva has supported roughly 18 million customers across the UK, Ireland, and Canada for 325 years. To reach its next generation of insurance customers, Aviva turned to Reddit.Aviva went big for their first Reddit campaign, running a variety of ad products and placements to reach Redditors in a variety of ways. Their Front-Page Takeover and Conversation Placements proved particularly potent, driving impressive click-through and video-completion rates.

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Higher VCR vs. Reddit benchmarks


Higher CTR vs. Reddit benchmarks


Lower CPM

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Chloe Duval

Paid Social Account Director @ Zenith

Chloe Duval

"Aviva has set the tone for other insurance and financial services providers to start advertising on the platform. The campaign beat benchmarks based on verticals typically more popular with users (telecoms, FMCG, etc.) showing that there is a positive response and a place for this vertical on Reddit."
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