Amplify Your Brand with Category Takeovers

Get noticed by the right people with Category Takeovers. With these ads, you can target audiences in your niche, ensuring your brand stands out and connects with the customers who matter most to your business. 

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What is a Category Takeover on Reddit?

A Category Takeover on Reddit is an ad package that lets you be the first brand seen in your chosen communities for 24 hours or more. When redditors visit these subreddits, your brand is seen across the feed, banners, and in conversations. 

Category Takeovers incorporate a variety of ad types to boost engagement, such as: 

  • Prompted Post (First in-feed ad placement): Elevate your brand presence with the first in-feed promoted post, ensuring immediate visibility and interaction within the community. 
  • Conversation placement: Engage redditors authentically within community discussions through the first conversation ad placement. 
  • Top banner: Enhance your brand’s visibility with the top banner, a price advertising space that captures attention as redditors explore the community. 
  • Sticky banner: Secure a lasting presence at the top of the community with a sticky banner that remains visible even as redditors scroll through content. 
Benefits of a Reddit Category Takeover
Targeted Reach and Exposure

With a Reddit Category Takeover, brands can target relevant subreddits and occupy the top advertising spot when redditors visit those communities. This targeted exposure ensures that your message resonates with the right audience. 

Boosted Audience Engagement

Tailor your brand’s message to resonate in your specific niche with a Category Takeover and foster meaningful engagements with audiences interested in your products or services. 

By aligning with the interests of these communities, brands can establish a deeper connection with redditors who share common passions.

Established Brand Authority and Credibility 

Successfully executing a Category Takeover on Reddit goes beyond mere visibility. You’ll be a part of the conversation in communities where you’re most relevant–in the most visible places.. 

an example of a category takeover ad on reddit

Category Takeover: FAQs

How does a Reddit Category Takeover work? 

Book a call with a Reddit Ads expert or call 1 (800) 576-9102. A member of our team will help get your campaign up and running.

For more information, visit the Reddit Ads Help Center

What types of content can be featured in a Category Takeover?

Category Takeover is a versatile advertising opportunity comprising several types of ads and content to cater to diverse audience preferences. The content featured in a Category Takeover includes: 

  • Text: Engage your audience with concise, compelling text that effectively communicates your message. 
  • Image: Capture redditors’ attention with visually appealing images and leverage the power of graphics, illustrations, and photographs to convey your brand’s message. 
  • Video: Elevate your storytelling with dynamic video content. Create engaging and immersive videos that showcase your brand, product, or services. 

You can find specific Reddit Category Takeover specs here

Check out these best practices to create high-performance ads. 

Can I target specific communities with a Reddit Category Takeover?

When you create a Reddit Category Takeover with our ad experts, you can target your ads to specific communities with relevant interests. This level of targeting ensures your message goes directly to the subreddits and groups of people most likely to be interested in your message. 

How do I track the performance of my Category Takeover?

Our Reddit Ad Dashboard offers real-time insights into key metrics, such as:

  • Post metrics: Dive deep into the performance of individual ads by tracking engagement and reach. 
  • Consideration metrics: Monitor consideration metrics, including page visits and content views, to evaluate the level of interest and engagement generated by your ads. 
  • Conversion metrics: Measure the tangible impact of your campaign by tracking sign-ups, leads, purchases, and revenue generated.

Adopt a data-driven approach to make informed optimizations and maximize the effectiveness of your Category Takeover. Analyze metrics, identify trends, and make strategic adjustments to refine your targeting, creative elements, and overall strategy, ensuring optimal performance and ROI.

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