This is where people talk about buying tech.

Learn how to reach tech buyers on the one platform where product reviews…just mean more.

Tech B2B decision makers put serious value on two parts of the purchasing process: conducting independent research and reading peer-written reviews.

They want to break through the “recommendation-ruin” influencers and pay-to-play reviews created on the web, and instead hear from other buyers who’ve been in their same position.

Purchasing cycles are changing rapidly. In the Tech B2B Advertising Handbook, we’re cracking the code on how you can reach buyers when tech solutions are on their mind.

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The proof is in the peer reviews

Communities and buyers of all sorts of B2B technologies are on Reddit, ready to give their fellow decision-makers the info they need or the support they may desire post-purchase.

Reddit is the 2nd largest audience of B2B decision-makers on the web.1

Of decision makers on Reddit agree that “Reddit helps me make faster purchasing decisions when buying business products or solutions.2"
Decision-makers plan to use Reddit to inform future purchasing decisions.3
See how Reddit runs on Reviews
See how Reddit runs on Reviews
See how Reddit runs on Reviews

A solution for the solution software-minded

The Tech B2B Handbook includes everything there is to know about Reddit Ads, including:

  • A brief rundown of the platform
  • Your untapped potential
  • Examples from gaming brands who’ve nailed it
  • Every detail you need to know to set up an ad campaign
    • Campaign strategy
    • Ad formats
    • Creative Best Practices
    • Set-Up
    • Measurement
Solutions Here!
Solutions Here!
Solutions Here!

The best in B2B

Here’s a small sample of the brands we show doing Reddit Ads right in the Tech B2B Advertising Handbook.

Alec Curtis

Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist


“Reddit has been an amazing partner with Lucid Software and has always assisted us with innovative new ways to advertise. We wanted to launch more mobile ads to reach a wider audience and Reddit is the perfect place to do so. They assisted us in the creation of the campaign and the results speak for themselves.”

Méryl Teste

Lead Media Planner

Back Market

“With the success of our last campaign, Reddit is now, for us, the new media to consider. The fact that we can target a specific audience, engaged with their passions & interests, with such freedom on the ads is a real plus to help us drive traffic.”

Justin Fauci

Co-Founder & CTO

Caliber Fitness

“Discussion and community is at the core of Reddit, so it seemed like the perfect place to launch a marketing campaign for the free version of our Caliber app. We wanted to find users who would discuss the app online, share it with friends and family members, and also provide feedback on how we could improve it. Reddit has come through in all of these ways and more."
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Download the Handbook
Download the Handbook
Download the Handbook

1-2 Reddit Internal via Attest, U.S., n=1000, 18+. Monthly Reddit Users who have browsed gaming content in the past 6 months, Feb 2023.

3 Reddit Internal via Attest, U.S., n=1000, 18+, Monthly Reddit Users who have browsed gaming content in the past 6 months, Feb 2023, Reddit vs. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, TikTok, and Discord