Launch day is just where the fun begins.

We’re sharing our cheat codes  to reach gamers while they’re playing—and beyond—on the one platform where most people are gamers.

There’s so much potential for gaming brands when a game launches—but even more after the fact.

Gamers love downloadable content (DLC), add-ons, and other in-game purchases—it’s clear players want to enhance their gaming experiences after launch day.

Sure, you can reach gamers on other platforms, but there’s one place they go to talk to each other about these purchases before they make them. In The Gaming Advertising Handbook, we’re spilling our secrets about how brands can be present with ads that perform during the conversation.

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Gamers are constantly looking to other Redditors to level up their play.

Reddit Ads will take your advertising strategy to the next level, by getting you in front of one of the most dedicated gaming audiences online.

Over half of all Reddit users are gamers of some variety.1

Of gaming Redditors use Reddit for advice on in-game purchases, DLCs, or microtransactions.2
Of gaming Redditors trust the gaming recommendations of fellow Redditors.3
See how Gaming Runs Reddit
See how Gaming Runs Reddit
See how Gaming Runs Reddit

We’re giving you the cheat codes

The Gaming Handbook includes everything there is to know about Reddit Ads, including:

  • A brief rundown of the platform
  • Your untapped potential
  • Examples from gaming brands who’ve nailed it
  • Every detail you need to know to set up an ad campaign
    • Campaign strategy
    • Ad formats
    • Creative Best Practices
    • Set-Up
    • Measurement
Cheat codes here!
Cheat codes here!
Cheat codes here!

Our top scorers

Here’s a small sample of the brands we show doing Reddit Ads right in the Gaming Advertising Handbook.

Celine R. P. Purnhagen

Paid Social Specialist, ComboStrike

 Celine R. P. Purnhagen

"Reddit has a unique and authentic format that enables us to talk to specific, targetable niches that maintain a great share of conversation within gaming. Reddit has the largest number of unduplicated social media users of the other major platforms. We're thankful for the Reddit team, which has always shown us great support to help maximize the performance of the Total War: Warhammer 3 campaign."
Celine R.P. Purnhagen, Paid Social Specialist, ComboStrike

Pete Staley

Director, Digital Advertising at Bungie

Pete Staley

"We know Destiny gamers are on Reddit. Our Reddit team helped us connect with and expand that audience in a way that felt authentic to the Destiny franchise. Our partnership continues to deliver exactly that."
Pete Staley, Director, Digital Advertising @ Bungie

Tak Inoue

Director, Head of Brand Marketing


"We had a great partnership with Reddit on the ARG campaign, who went up and beyond with us on strategic planning, marketing support, execution and more. This certainly wasn't a campaign that went wide, but we engaged with our core fans who are also opinion leaders in the community and we believe keeping these fans satisfied is key to success."
Tak Inoue, Director, Head of Brand marketing, CAPCOM
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Download the Handbook
Download the Handbook
Download the Handbook

1-2 Reddit Internal via Attest, U.S., n=1000, 18+. Monthly Reddit Users who have browsed gaming content in the past 6 months, Feb 2023.

3 Reddit Internal via Attest, U.S., n=1000, 18+, Monthly Reddit Users who have browsed gaming content in the past 6 months, Feb 2023, Reddit vs. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, TikTok, and Discord