Vital Proteins x Reddit


Vital Proteins ran a high-impact campaign that increased KPIs like Awareness and Intent.

With goals to build awareness and consideration for their core supplements, Vital Proteins, the collagen supplement brand, saw an intrinsic fit in Reddit. The top reason people come to Reddit is to seek information, making it the perfect place to focus on awareness and education of their collagen supplements.

In collaboration with Reddit and KarmaLab, the Vital Proteins campaign exceeded all brand metrics. Exposure drove double-digit lifts in Awareness, Favorability, and Consideration Intent. 

Vital Proteins partnered with Reddit’s KarmaLab to craft an AMA that ended up being the strongest-performing asset across all ad formats: it drove 158 questions, the majority of which were strong, on topic, and in-depth.

Vital Proteins ran a best-in-class campaign that followed all Reddit best practices, employed a number of ad types, and used extremely strong, optimized, and engaging creative.

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Brand Awareness higher than norm


Brand Favorability higher than norm


Consideration Intent higher than norm


Aided Awareness lift for AMA


Consideration Intent lift for Megathread

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Nick Lopezzo

Sr. Director of Consumer Engagement

Vital Proteins

“We’ve been incredibly impressed with how Reddit has enabled us to grow awareness, favorability, and consideration throughout our initial activations. Reddit naturally attracts communities of like-minded individuals who engage in authentic conversations, allowing us as a brand to craft and deliver value-add content in an environment where people are already in an educational mindset.”
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