Uber x Reddit


Uber came to Reddit to position itself as the best platform to choose for flexible work.

Uber’s initial Q2 campaign audience included earners already familiar with or actively using its platform to find flexible earning opportunities.

Response from Redditors exceeded expectations. The campaign drove significant lifts in Consideration, Perception, and Preference, in conjunction with lower CPCs and higher CTRs versus other platforms. From Q1 to Q3, Uber’s CPA on Reddit improved nearly 100%.

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Lift in Consideration for driving with Uber


Lift in Perception that Uber helps people support their families and earn more, sooner (+23% lift) than alternatives


Lift in Preference for driving with Uber versus other rideshare providers 


Lower CPC compared to other platforms where Uber advertises


Higher CTR compared to other platforms where Uber advertises

Kantar Brand Lift, Client Internal
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Associate Director, Paid Social


"Reddit has worked with us as a true partner, from initial testing to larger strategic collaboration QoQ. Reddit has become an integral part of our partner strategy, specifically for Consideration-focused initiatives, largely due to a 26% lower CPC and 21% higher CTR when compared to other platforms."
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