The Kraken x Reddit


The Kraken, the popular Caribbean spiced rum brand, and AnalogFolk saw Reddit as an ideal place to engage in the crypto and tech communities. The innovative campaign made The Kraken a social agitator on Reddit offering exclusive, branded NFTs (Kraken's Non-Fungible Treasures) or access to free Kraken Premix bottles.

By conducting consumer research, The Kraken’s brand team revealed their target audience was interested in technology, yet uniquely sceptical of internet trends, with a particularly cynical attitude toward NFT's. Reddit emerged as the ideal platform for the advertiser to engage with these communities. This creative approach paid off. The Kraken’s Non-Fungible Treasures campaign delivered impressive performance - outperforming all other channels across metric benchmarks.

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-29% CPM

Delivered lower than benchmarks

2x lift in CTR

Delivered twice the benchmarks

-41% CPC

Delivered lower than benchmarks

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Ben Hourahine

Chief Strategy Officer & Founder

AnalogFolk Australia

“Kraken fans live on the cutting edge of underground culture which made Reddit the perfect partner for launching this edgy campaign. AnalogFolk Australia’s Non-Fungible Tokens campaign for The Kraken Australia actually ended up beating all of Reddit’s own media benchmarks, proving it was absolutely the right choice for doing something so innovative with this audience.”
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The Kraken's Non-Fungible Treasures
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