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Novo Nordisk is a global pharmaceutical company dedicated to making obesity a healthcare priority. They came to Reddit to increase awareness of their It’s Bigger Than Me initiative. Novo Nordisk received significant engagement with users through their efforts—read how they did it.

After working with KarmaLab to bring their headlines to the next level, Novo Nordisk deployed their AMA as a promoted post, seeking to target a wide range of audiences. The ad was received positively by the Reddit community, evidenced by significant engagement in the form of upvotes and comments. Novo Nordisk did not utilize any third-party measurement, relying solely on Reddit ad dashboard metrics.

Novo Nordisk's campaign is committed to helping improve the lives of people with obesity by changing how the world sees, prevents and treats obesity. With the support of both Reddit's health communities and passionate feminist and body positivity communities, they are able to host a productive conversation about the relationship between weight management and health.

As opposed to tiptoeing around these sensitive topics, KarmaLab advised Novo Nordisk to fully engage with Reddit’s diverse communities by hosting an AMA and enabling comments. Redditors had an astoundingly positive reception to the campaign which is reflected in the Reddit internal metrics. 

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Client Internal, 2023
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Bianca Blando Kroupa

Associate Director - Paid Social

CMI Media Group

“Redditors’ pseudonymity, or use of a screen name, gives them the freedom to ask questions about stigmatized topics they may feel uncomfortable asking in contexts where they must self-identify. Not only was that an important factor to consider, but Reddit’s unduplicated reach allowed us to achieve the scale required to move the needle for an awareness program like this.”
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Hi Reddit! I'm Dr Tiffany Lowe-Clayton, DO. I'm a board-certified physician and passionate advocate for health and wellness. On 12/6 12:00 pm EST, I'm partnering with Novo Nordisk and It's Bigger Than Me for its first #AMA, where I'll answer your questions about weight and health. Ask Me Anything!
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