noosa Yoghurt x Reddit


For Back-to-School 2021, noosa brought its bold, fun, and playful brand to Reddit’s bold, fun, previously untapped, and unduplicated audience of yoghurt fans. The campaign saw exceptional performance thanks to its diverse mix of media—from its “Flavor Poll” Custom Creative made in partnership with Reddit’s KarmaLab to its supporting media including Promoted Posts, Videos, and Gifs using existing noosa assets.

noosa Yoghurt’s Flavor Poll

Redditors have opinions on just about any topic. As the results of this campaign clearly demonstrate, the school-lunch trade value of various flavors of noosa Yoghurt is no exception.

The Custom Creative portion of noosa's back-to-school campaign began with an Engagement Post asking Redditors to upvote their favorite noosa Yoghurt flavors in the comments.

Once the upvotes were in, noosa followed up with a Promoted Post featuring a custom infographic inspired by r/dataisbeautiful and built by Reddit's KarmaLab to showcase the poll's results.

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in Brand Recall among Redditors exposed to the noosa campaign


in Brand Favorability and the perception that noosa is “a brand for me”


in Purchase Intent—15x the typical lift observed in the vertical


monthly views

Kantar Lift, Reddit Internal
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Clint Mickel

Senior Marketing Director

noosa Yoghurt

"Reddit’s unduplicated user base, interest targeting, and engaged communities helped noosa speak to a new target audience that hadn’t been reached through other social platforms during the busy Back-to-School season. Unique ad formats specific to the platform also gave the brand an opportunity to interact authentically with the audience. "
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Jill Euchner

Associate Director

Resolution Agency

"It was a joy to work with Reddit to bring to life such an authentic campaign for the noosa product. Not only did Reddit exceed VCR, CTR, and CPM benchmarks across all ad units, they also presented a fresh take on noosa and its products during a competitive and important time period, helping the target audience to remember the brand and its products."
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