Maggie Sottero & Rakuten Advertising x Reddit


Motivated by Rakuten Advertising to invest in Reddit as an evergreen strategy, Maggie Sottero came to Reddit to increase brand awareness and expand its audience beyond the typical Maggie Sottero consumer.

The Rakuten team found that Maggie Sottero received notable organic traffic from Reddit in 2022, and advised them to take advantage of community and interest targeting opportunities by catering toward the beauty, travel, and wedding communities on the platform. Maggie Sottero launched their campaign with a rotation of carousel ads and promoted videos, and they ultimately found that running ads on Reddit helped them to diversify their audience, drive site traffic, and increase brand awareness. With the help of interest and subreddit targeting, Maggie Sottero was able to exceed the CTR benchmark by 344%, with an efficient CPC that was 72% lower than benchmark.

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Exceeded CTR Benchmark


CPC Lower than Benchmark

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Marie Sminkey

Account Manager

Rakuten Advertising

"Running Maggie Sottero on Reddit not only provided a much-needed diversification of reach and content for the brand, but it also increased overall domestic growth for Maggie Sottero. This test yielded above-average performance with performance costs below the average advertiser and a truly minimum spend"
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