Lagunitas x Reddit


Lagunitas Brewing Company tapped Reddit’s passionate communities with a hand-crafted, holistic approach that delivered cheer(s). Lagunitas Brewing Company sought to authentically introduce their portfolio of beers to the untapped, unduplicated audience of Redditors who share their passion for beer. Lagunitas partnered with Canvas Worldwide and Reddit’s KarmaLab to create a holistic campaign that felt at once refreshingly creative and perfectly at home on the platform.‍ From delivering high-quality original content in Promoted Posts to engaging home brewing experts and IPA fans within our beer communities, each campaign element drove awareness and excitement leading up to the campaign’s culmination on National IPA Day, when Lagunitas announced its Reddit-inspired double IPA, a real product created as a result of their dialogue with the Reddit community, and hosted its Promoted AMA with their in-house BrewMonster (aka brewmaster but surely you knew that from context clues).‍

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Paige Guzman

CMO, Lagunitas Brewing Company

Paige Guzman

"The Reddit community provides an open-minded and creative outlet for people to express their love of beer. This honest approach is a perfect reflection of the qualities that we hold as dear as great-tasting IPAs."
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