HP x Reddit


HP partnered with Reddit to run its first low-funnel strategy within the platform in EMEA. With the goal of driving efficient enrollments for HP’s subscription-based Instant Ink program, they wanted to test how Reddit could play a role in driving sales as part of its overall media mix. The campaign's performance in the UK exceeded expectations with a conversion rate eight times higher than other platforms, while being 42% more cost-efficient. Hooray!

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More cost-efficient cost per enrollments vs other platforms


Higher conversion rate vs other platforms

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Uri Digón Trabado

Social Manager Strategist


"We tested Reddit for the first time as part of our media mix strategy for Instant Ink. The performance exceeded our expectations by far and that's why Reddit has become an essential channel to reduce the CPE of our campaigns. We'll continue pushing the platform in order to maximize performance efficiencies as much as possible."
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