Hootsuite x Reddit


Hootsuite—social media management platform par excellence—came to Reddit in search of qualified leads. Oh, they sure did find them! Relying on Reddit Pixel data as their source of truth, Hootsuite and their Reddit team continuously optimized performance across all their targeted regions, including NA, AUS, EMEA, and the UK. The effort paid off, with CPAs across all regions hitting well below their global goals. Split across four regions, all of Hootsuite’s campaigns on Reddit hit CPAs well below their global goals.

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Lower CPA (EMEA)


Lower CPA (UK)


Lower CPA (NA)


Lower CPA (AUS)

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Kevin Brazel

Digital Marketing Specialist, Hootsuite

Kevin Brazel

"Reddit has outperformed our expectations, delivering 80% lower cost per signup than our threshold. We also love being able to reach our prospective customers in a mindset around their passions and conversations key to the social sphere."
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