Dabble x Reddit


With goals to increase app installs and acquire new users, Dabble partnered with Reddit to build their brand in a saturated market.

Dabble is an Australian racing and sports bookmaker, with a unique app boasting features that bring the worlds of betting and social media together in harmony. Users can follow other punters, copy their bets, and chat in the app’s Banter channels. 

Hoping to build out their brand in an already saturated market, Reddit emerged as a place where Dabble could drive app installs and acquire new users. 

Dabble's campaigns showcased strong CTAs and promotional offers, meme-y Reddit creatives, and lots of great product shots. In turn, Dabble saw significant results against internal target benchmarks and success against their own KPIs.

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Lower Cost Per Install (vs. client goal)


Lift in CTR (vs. benchmarks)


CPC (across campaign)

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Nicholas Scott

Digital Advertising Specialist


“Reddit has been great for our acquisition activity. It allows us to reach a highly engaged de-duplicated sporting audience within niche communities. We love being able to be a part of the conversation, while natively slotting into the platform.”
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Reddit: Is there a way to copy your mates' bets with a single tap? Dabble: yes, copy bet
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