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For the launch of Capcom’s highly anticipated survival horror game, Resident Evil Village, the renowned video game publisher partnered with digital creative agency Nomadic and custom campaign creators Dog Tale Media to produce a Reddit-based alternate reality game (ARG) entirely within a Reddit user profile. We spoke to the makers behind the fan-favorite activation about how it came to life.

Capcom’s Resident Evil Village ARG

As Capcom approached the launch of Resident Evil Village, the latest installment of the long-standing franchise, they turned to Reddit to create awareness and excitement.

To Reach their target audience Capcom leveraged Reddit Promoted Posts and Videos, in addition to High Impact Takeovers including Gaming Category Takeovers and Trending Takeover. Capcom also developed an Alternate Reality Game ("ARG") which launched on a unique Reddit account u/VillageConnoisseur.

Over the course of 10 days leading up to the game launch, Capcom released a series of cryptic clues that took the entire Reddit community to solve together, culminating in a big launch day reveal. 9 out of 10 surveyed users said the ARG made them interested in playing the game and 8 out of 10 said it was an experience they would tell others about.

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Higher VCR compared to Reddit Category Takeover benchmarks


Higher Brand Favorability compared to Kantar benchmarks


Increase in Purchase Intent among Redditors who game >10 hours per week

Kantar & Reddit Internal 2021
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Tak Inoue

Director, Head of Brand Marketing


"We had a great partnership with Reddit on the ARG campaign, who went up and beyond with us on strategic planning, marketing support, execution and more. This certainly wasn't a campaign that went wide, but we engaged with our core fans who are also opinion leaders in the community and we believe keeping these fans satisfied is key to success."
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