Bitstamp x Reddit


The world’s longest-standing crypto exchange finds a massive new audience with a combo of Evergreen Auction and savvy, timely Category Takeovers. Bitstamp responded quickly to growing concerns in their industry around safety with a campaign focused on their commitment to customer securityBy adding a series of Category Takeovers to their existing Evergreen Auction media, Bitstamp saw a massive increase in brand awareness, including an 800% increase in organic conversations on Reddit.Fun, informative Evergreen Auction media worked in combination with Category Takeovers to drive large-scale awareness, increasing the Reddit Pixel audience pool to over 7k events.

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Increase in auction page visits whilst running Takeovers


Lower auction CPAs whilst running Takeovers


Higher CTR for evergreen auction media during the month of category Takeovers

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Daniel Ayim

Display Consultant at ROAST

Daniel Ayim

"Working with Reddit has been an evolving relationship, backed by a really hands-on team from Reddit trying to assist at every corner. We’ll continue to develop our relationship as far as possible, pushing new ideas and strategies along the way."
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