Belvedere x Reddit


The Belvedere—a World Heritage Site, a “Baroque jewel,” and the site of the Austrian State Treaty—is one of the oldest museums in the world.

But, their mission is thoroughly contemporary, bringing historical art into the present through public exhibitions, educational programs, events, and digital content. It’s no surprise, then, that the Belvedere has embraced NFTs. Even less surprising is that they, working with their agency otago, found Reddit to be the perfect partner for promoting their NFT project for Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss.” Over the two phases of the campaign, Reddit drove considerable traffic and efficiency for the project. 


Lower CPM vs. competitors during prospecting phase


Of all traffic came from Reddit during display phase


Higher traffic vs. direct during peak budget

Reddit & Client Internal

Wolfgang Bergmann

Chief Financial Officer at Belvedere Museum

Wolfgang Bergmann

"Reddit is an excellent partner for the international promotion of our NFT project "The Kiss" since the digital network allows us to reach relevant audiences with a very high level of accuracy. In implementing the campaign, we received tremendous support from the Vienna-based online marketing agency otago. Our collaboration has proven successful since multipliers and collectors worldwide show a wide range of interest."
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Günther Dietz

Head of Programmatic at otago Online Consulting

Günther Dietz

"The high affinity for Crypto & NFTs within the Reddit community led us to take a closer look at the Reddit Ads capabilities. The exciting targeting opportunities there gave us the chance to reach the right audience at the right time—all of that at a very reasonable price."
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