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Inspired by the many frank and science-backed conversations around plastic surgery and medical devices taking place on Reddit, Allergan Aesthetics partnered with Reddit’s KarmaLab to spark an honest, approachable, science-backed conversation on the fat freezing procedure CoolSculpting®. The AMA—featuring Board-Certified Dermatologist Dr. Suzanne Kilmer—and its supporting media were a smashing success. Redditors showed up in droves and were deeply engaged with the content, lifting brand sentiment by 55% across the platform.

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Chad Hacker

Associate VP

Global Digital Marketing @ Allergan Aesthetics

"We know the Reddit audience is smart and already well-informed about CoolSculpting (R). Our AMA gave us the perfect opportunity for more in-depth discussion and genuine connection with the community over their questions, concerns, or experiences. Additionally, our Reddit team helped us create a strong, strategic media campaign that lifted engagement, click-throughs, and brand sentiment for CoolSculpting."
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AMA about CoolSculpting, Reddit! I'm Dr. Suzanne Kilmer, Board Certified Dermatologist, and I’m excited to partner with CoolSculpting® and answer any questions you may have about this noninvasive, effective fat-freezing procedure on March 22 at 12pm PST. See you then!
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