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Adrenaline is the largest adventure marketplace in Australia. For over 20 years, they have been connecting the adventurous at heart with the adventures they seek. From unforgettable helicopter rides, to kayak tours and swimming with dolphins, their range has been designed to inspire all adventurers.

Adrenaline's Reddit campaigns have met with exceptional local success. Contributing factors include the Adrenaline client team's openness to using multiple, simultaneous ad products, formats, and placements and their thoughtful use of Reddit's copy and creative best practices. Top performing ads include headlines that call out relevant communities and Reddit-specific acronyms. With help from Reddit-inspired headlines, Adrenaline’s driving-focused ads were more efficient on Reddit compared to peers. Bonus! Christmas creatives on Reddit were 10% more efficient at driving clicks.

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Lower CPMS vs. competitor platforms


Lower CPCs vs. competitor platforms


Lower CPMs vs. competitor platforms


More efficient clicks vs. competitor platforms

Reddit Pixel & Client Internal
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Toni Westlake

Sr. Marketing Manager, Brand

Toni Westlake,

"Last Christmas, we trialled Reddit as a new channel due to its high content engagement, focus on community, and interest-based targeting options. Using the same imagery and copy aligned to subreddit & audience targeting, the Reddit campaign delivered lower CPCs than all other social channels during the same period. This success created an incredible case study that informed our ongoing multichannel media and creative strategy."
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