Holiday purchases start (and finish) here

Research turns to action. Users who visit Reddit leave informed and confident, making purchase decisions 9x faster. Get in front of them before it’s too late.

Advertise on Reddit
Advertise on Reddit
Advertise on Reddit

Own your holiday small business strategy.

Conversations on Reddit aren’t limited to crossing off the naughty and nice list. Shoppers are discovering brands of all sizes—1 in 3 Redditors purchased from small businesses during the Holiday 2021 season.

Communities across all verticals and interests are talking about holiday plans. We've put together quick guides on how best to activate redditors this holiday season.

Download the SMB Guide
Download the SMB Guide
Download the SMB Guide


Redditors have a lot of holiday spirit—decorating as early as October. 22% of redditors are more likely to be intentionally seeking content, rather than passively scrolling.

Get insights on when redditors start these conversations and creative campaign tips directly from Reddit's own Karma Lab: download the decor guide.

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People trust Reddit for travel destinations and planning recommendations. And 46% more users agree that they're more likely to trust brands that advertise on Reddit when compared to other social channels.

Travel talk picks up as early as August as redditors start planning their holiday trips. Download the travel guide for more stats and ideas for planning your campaign for this busy season.

Consumer Packaged Goods

73% of redditors cooked meals with family or friends during the 2021 holiday season. Help them impress their guests with a festive spread, from appetizers with a twist to tried-and-true recipes.

Get cookin' by downloading our holiday food and meal guide to see when redditors start planning their holiday meals and for crafty campaign ideas from the Karma Lab.

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Gifts and Shopping

Redditors are willing to spend more for the right gift. In fact, Reddit ad viewers spend 2.5x more overall. With more redditors interested in gifting memorable experiences, be sure to highlight how your product brings joy to this year's festive season.

People love practical gifts and start researching as early as September. Download the gifts and shopping guide for more insights and tips for getting eyeballs on your brand this holiday.

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Talk to buyers not browsers

75% of the people who research products on Reddit buy those products. The breadth of communities offers authentic, trustworthy recommendations from real shoppers.

Don’t lose your opportunity to connect with users before their purchase journey starts. Activate on Reddit today. Here’s how:

Start with the basics

Get videos, study guides, and a wealth of information you can use to leverage Reddit Ads and make your brand stand out.

Start learning
Start learning
Start learning

Work in these best practices

Hear the dos and don’ts of creating ads on Reddit—what do successful ads look like? How do you apply those learnings?

Watch the recording
Watch the recording
Watch the recording