How do you reach potential customers who have shown initial interest but haven't yet made a purchase or taken a desired action?

With traditional advertising methods, reconnecting with these individuals and encouraging them to return to complete their transactions can be challenging. 

However, retargeting, also known as remarketing, enables businesses to display targeted ads to past customers who have interacted with their website or app. 

Strategically retargeting these users reminds them of their interest, encourages them to reconsider, and drives conversions. 

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is a marketing strategy that delivers targeted ads to individuals who have interacted with a website, mobile app, or online content but have yet to complete a desired action, such as making a purchase or completing a form. 

With retargeting, users are shown relevant ads as they browse other websites, reminding them of products or services they've shown interest in. 

Retargeting allows businesses to re-engage with potential customers who have already shown interest in their offerings. 

Retargeting can significantly improve conversion rates, drive sales, and maximize advertising campaigns' return on investment (ROI) by targeting users with personalized ads tailored to their previous interactions. 

How retargeting works

Retargeting ads work by placing tracking pixels or codes on your website. 

These collect data about user interactions such as pages visited, products viewed, or actions taken—like adding items to a cart. This data is used to create remarketing lists, which categorize users based on their behavior. 

Once these lists are created, targeted ads are displayed to these individuals when they visit other websites or online platforms. 

These ads remind users of products or services they've shown interest in and encourage them to revisit your website to complete a desired action, such as making a purchase.

By keeping your brand visible to users who have already expressed interest in your offerings, retargeting helps to increase brand recall and prompt further engagement. This approach increases the chances of converting these users into customers.

Advantages of retargeting

With user data and personalized advertising, retargeting offers several advantages for businesses, such as: 

Increased conversion rates

Targeting users interested in a product or service without completing a desired action keeps the brand top-of-mind. It encourages users to revisit the website to complete the conversion. 

Retargeted potential customers are more likely to convert than new ones, making retargeting an invaluable tool for driving conversions and maximizing ROI.

Enhanced brand recall

Retargeting ads reinforce brand recall by repeatedly exposing users to branded advertisements across various websites they visit. With a consistent presence in consumers' minds, brands can strengthen awareness and recognition. 

Even if users don't immediately convert, they're more likely to remember the brand when they're ready to purchase. This increased brand recall can lead to higher engagement, loyalty, and long-term customer value.


Since retargeted ads specifically target users who have already expressed interest in the brand or its products, they tend to have higher engagement rates and lower acquisition costs. 

Retargeting allows marketers to optimize their ad spending by focusing resources on users who are more likely to convert. This results in a higher return on investment than traditional display advertising or broader targeting methods.

Personalized advertising experience

By leveraging data insights, marketers can tailor ad creatives, messaging, and offers to match users' interests and preferences. 

This personalized ad approach enhances the overall experience and drives higher engagement and conversion rates.

Key components of a successful retargeting campaign

Retargeting campaigns can help you re-engage potential customers and drive conversion. 

However, businesses must carefully consider the following components to ensure success: 

Clear goals and objectives

Whether you aim to increase sales, generate leads, boost website traffic, or enhance brand awareness, defining specific and measurable goals will provide direction and help evaluate the campaign's success. 

With objectives in place, you can tailor your retargeting strategies to align with these goals and optimize campaign performance accordingly. 

Segmentation and audience targeting

You can create highly targeted ads by segmenting your audience and targeting them based on their behaviors, interests, demographics, or stage in the conversion funnel. 

Leveraging retargeting platforms' advanced targeting capabilities allows advertisers to deliver personalized messages to specific segments, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion. 

Compelling ad creatives

Advertisements should be visually appealing, relevant, and tailored to the target audience's preferences and interests. 

Incorporating persuasive copy, eye-catching imagery, and clear calls-to-action (CTAs) can encourage users to revisit the website and take the desired action. 

You can use various ad types, including static image ads, video ads, and dynamic product ads, to create a diverse and engaging retargeting campaign that resonates with different audience segments. 

Frequency capping

While retargeting can re-engage users, bombarding them with too many ads can cause ad fatigue. 

Implementing frequency capping ensures that users are not overwhelmed by repeated ad exposure, maintaining a positive user experience and presenting ad fatigue. 

Best practices for implementing retargeting

Implementing retargeting requires ensuring optimal timing, frequency, and ad placement. 

Testing different placements, such as sponsored content, native ads, and sidebar ads, can give you insights into which resonates best with your target audience. 

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