Marketing Funnel

Understanding a potential customer's journey, from awareness to making a purchase, can significantly impact a company's marketing efforts. 

This journey, also known as the marketing funnel, outlines a prospect's various stages as they interact with a brand. 

From the first touchpoint to the final conversion, each marketing funnel stage presents businesses with opportunities to engage, nurture, and guide individuals toward becoming loyal customers.

When you employ a full-funnel advertising strategy on Reddit,  you not only boost conversion rates but also attract higher-value buyers and cultivate stronger brand advocates.

What is the marketing funnel?

The marketing funnel is a model that maps the stages a potential customer goes through when interacting with a brand. 

It typically consists of several stages, including: 

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Consideration
  • Intent
  • Purchase 
  • Post-purchase

At each stage, prospects interact with a brand through various touchpoints. The funnel illustrates how the number of prospects decreases as they move through each stage, with the outcome being a conversion or purchase. 

The marketing funnel provides marketers with a structured approach to understanding and managing the customer journey, enabling them to tailor their strategies to nurture leads and drive conversions.

Marketing funnel stages

The marketing funnel is depicted as an inverted pyramid, with a broad top representing a pool of prospects at the awareness stage, gradually narrowing down to fewer customers who complete a purchase at the bottom. 

This journey is segmented into stages, each with its objectives, from capturing attention at the top of the funnel to sealing the deal at the bottom of the funnel. Here are the marketing funnel stages: 


At the top of the marketing funnel, consumers are introduced to a brand, product, or service. 

This stage focuses on raising awareness through various channels such as advertising, content marketing, social media, and word-of-mouth recommendations. The goal is to attract a broad audience and spark their interest in learning more about the brand's offerings.


In the interest stage, consumers show curiosity and engage further with the brand. They may seek additional information, visit the website, subscribe to newsletters, or follow social media accounts. 

Marketers aim to nurture this interest by providing valuable content and addressing consumers' needs or pain points. This will keep them engaged and move them closer to making a purchase decision.


Consumers actively evaluate the brand's offerings during the consideration stage as potential solutions to their needs or problems. They compare options, read reviews, seek recommendations, and assess features and benefits. 

Marketers focus on providing detailed product information, addressing concerns, and highlighting the brand's unique selling points to sway consumers toward choosing their offering.


As consumers progress through the funnel, they reach the intent stage, where they demonstrate a clear interest in making a purchase. This could involve adding items to their shopping cart, requesting a quote, signing up for a free trial, or inquiring about pricing and availability. 

Marketers strive to capitalize on this intent by providing seamless purchasing experiences, addressing final objections, and guiding consumers toward completing the transaction.


The purchase stage is where consumers decide to buy the product or service. 

Positive experiences can lead to customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy, while negative experiences may result in dissatisfaction and potential churn. 


Positive experiences post-purchase can lead to increased customer satisfaction, repeat purchases, and advocacy, contributing to long-term success. 

Conversely, negative experiences may result in dissatisfaction, churn, and damage to the brand's reputation. 

Optimizing conversion rates at each stage of the marketing funnel

Optimize conversion rates at each stage of the digital marketing funnel with specific strategies tailored to the needs and behaviors of prospects: 

Top of the funnel

At the top of the marketing funnel, the focus is on generating awareness. To optimize conversion rates at this stage, brands must create high-quality content.

This content should be optimized for search engines to ensure it's easily discoverable by potential prospects. Additionally, interacting with your audience on social media can help increase brand visibility and drive web traffic. 

By leveraging a platform like Reddit, you can significantly enhance your brand perception. With Reddit for Business, 56% of people are more likely to talk about your brand positively online. Engage with relevant communities on Reddit through thoughtful posts, comments, and AMAs to foster a positive reputation and generate organic conversations about your brand.

Middle of the funnel

In the middle of the marketing funnel, the aim is to nurture leads and foster ongoing discussions about your brand. With full funnel advertising on Reddit, 32% of people are more likely to search for your product or brand at this stage.

You can offer gated content, such as e-books, guides, or whitepapers, in exchange for contact information to capture leads and continue engaging with them through targeted email sequences or other personalized communications.

Or, you can deploy retargeting campaigns to re-engage leads who have previously shown interest but haven't yet made a conversion. Make use of product demonstrations, consultations, and interactive content like quizzes and polls to sustain their interest.

Keep your brand top-of-mind for consumers and encourage them to take the next step.

Bottom of the funnel

At the bottom of the marketing funnel, the focus shifts to converting leads into customers and nurturing their loyalty. By leveraging Reddit's full-funnel marketing strategy, you can see a significant uptick in conversion rates by as much as 68%, along with a 2.5 times increase in spending per purchase for Reddit ad viewers, compared to viewers of ads on other social platforms.

Highlight the success stories of your satisfied customers by using various Reddit ad formats like: video ads, carousel ads, and image ads. Providing exclusive discounts, incentives, and limited-time offers is another way to give prospects that final nudge toward conversion.

Remember to incorporate clear and compelling calls to action across your marketing initiatives as well, and make use of personalized follow-ups to address any lingering concerns.

Attract, engage, and convert with the marketing funnel

By understanding the consumer journey from initial awareness to making a purchase decision, businesses can tailor their approaches at each stage to maximize conversion rates. 

From casting a wide net to capture attention at the top of the funnel to providing personalized experiences that drive conversions at the bottom, the marketing funnel guides marketers in crafting targeted and impactful campaigns.

Reddit Ads offer a unique opportunity to reach audiences at every stage of the digital marketing funnel. 

With various ad types available, including awareness-building ads, engagement-focused formats, and conversion-driven campaigns, Reddit provides a versatile platform for connecting with potential customers at each step of their journey.