Extra Creddit: Powered by KarmaLab

April 24, 2024 | 2pm ET

KarmaLab is Reddit’s in-house creative strategy team, helping brands tap into Reddit culture and create better ads for Reddit. During this workshop, members from the KarmaLab team will walk you through best practices to create relevant ads for your audience.

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Extra Creddit Powered by KarmaLab

In this session we'll cover:

Creative Best Practices: We’ll teach you how to Reddit like Reddit by diving into the best ways to engage with your audience on Reddit from turnkey to fully custom solutions.

Creative Test Kitchen: Learn about all of the ingredients our mastermind chefs behind KarmaLab leverage for successful campaigns.

Latest Ad Product Release: Our subject matter experts will demonstrate how brands can engage authentically with redditors in a way that fits seamlessly into the Reddit experience with free-form ads.

You’ll leave this session with a deeper understanding of why your brands should be on Reddit and how to drive action with our ad solutions with over 100k of our passionate communities.