Gen Z turns to Reddit to accelerate their financial future

Why a generation in search of financial security is turning to Reddit’s finance communities to safeguard their future.

Brad Bertolet, Senior Manager, Fintech/Crypto Ad Partnerships
February 2, 2023
Gen Zers are anxious but ambitious 

Amid cultural and economic volatility, today’s young adults are desperately seeking both security and control. They’re not sure they can achieve their dreams, but they know if they’re going to come close, they’ll need to work hard now, rather than waiting to see what happens. That’s why they’re putting 14% of their incomes into 401ks – more than any other generation.1





of American Gen Z Redditors say being financially secure is important to them


of Gen Z and Millennials worry they’ll never be able to afford the life they want

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On Reddit, where this group over-indexes on financial savviness, they lean on our financial communities for advice and support. While communities like r/FIRE or r/entrepreneur offer spaces for Gen Z to find motivation through others’ wins, they also offer a refuge to express their financial unease. That’s because the pseudonymity on our platform allows people to be honest and vulnerable and — in turn — they can expect to get the honest and authentic answers they need, too.

Brandwatch, Global, Aug 1 2021 - Jul 31, 2022

Gen Z heads to Reddit to transform anxiety around money into motivation 

To safeguard their future, Gen Z is getting deep into prepping, and they’re coming to Reddit to inform their saving strategies. In fact, Gen Z Redditors are +110% more likely to visit business subreddits and +67% more likely to visit crypto subreddits than the general population.2

What we’re finding is that Gen Z is goldilocking the system to find the financial diet that is just right for them. The FIRE movement, which stands for Financial Independence Retire Early, has seen a growth in popularity amid economic turbulence. But these solutions, which emphasize extreme frugality and saving, aren’t necessarily sustainable. In the short term, Gen Zers are also exploring quick wins more akin to life hacks than long-term strategies. We’re seeing emergent subreddits that prioritize sustainable gains getting more footing and followers.

Brandwatch, Global, Aug 1 2021 - Jul 31, 2022

How to resonate with Gen Z on Reddit

With all of this, it’s safe to say Gen Z is a savvy yet particular bunch. For brands, this means tailoring your messaging to meet the unique needs of this digital generation—one that is personal, empathetic, and pragmatic. Here’s our take on what financial services brands should consider when messaging Gen Z on Reddit:

  1. Be practical. This group knows that success doesn’t come for free. Resonate by showing them how products can help them--don't make lofty, unrealistic promises.
  2. Help them help themselves. This group prides themselves on being self-taught, with 75% of Gen Z redditors interested in finance saying learning new skills is important to them.3 Give them the tools to figure out their financial futures on their terms.
  3. Give a platform to success stories. Gen Zers come to Reddit to crowdsource inspiration from others. Use AMAs or Engagement Prompts as an opportunity to celebrate others, but also create learning opportunities.
  4. Emphasize personal preference. Money is personal, but endless tales of achievement can make it seem otherwise. Destigmatize personal shame or experiences of money by representing stories not just of runaway success, but of realism and modesty, too. 
  5. Focus on the future, but don’t lose sight of the now. This audience is uniquely action-oriented, and focused on their future selves, but they’re still young. Help them understand how products and services can help them achieve their long-term goals, but also create opportunities for interim wins.




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